Shifts is an organization for art and movement

An assembly for performance which seeks to cross between media and cultures. shifts adapts its artistic team and its form of expression according to the needs of each project, and the particular subject of investigation. In this way, therefore, it creates new and continuously evolving collaborations and connections. The shifts projects are conceived and guided by Malgven Gerbes and David Brandstätter. The foundation of shifts is based on a core conviction: that constant changes of perspective, shifting balance, the modification of starting positions and external parameters are all conditions essential to a serious and ongoing examination of the art practices to which they have committed themselves. The choreographers Malgven Gerbes and David Brandstätter present performances that put the certainties and uncertainties of their work up for discus- sion. Their productions don’t attempt to resolve topics, they don’t aim to beat them into submission. Each piece zooms in on the questions that sparked Malgven Gerbes’ and David Brandstätter’s interest, a close-up that they want to present to the audience.

"Here we see new craftsmen of danced thought that will bring the field of choreography a step further" La voix du Luxembourg, Avignon, summer 2012

Our projects


06. 11. 2015  7 pm - AIR at Festival Heure Curieuse, Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours. Click to book

21. 11. 2015  Notebook in Hamburg

15. 12. 2015  7 pm - KRUMP 'N' BREAK RELEASE at Théâtre de la Joliette - Minoterie, Marseille. Click to book

16. 01. 2016  8 pm - Air at Made in Potsdam, fabrik Potsdam

29. 01. 2016  Krump 'N' Break Release at Festival Pharenheit, CCN Le Havre. Au Tetris



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